Miss Bala Мисс Пуля
Miss Bala Мисс Пуля

Miss Bala Мисс Пуля

Участница конкурса красоты Глория становится свидетельницей жестокой бандитской расправы и попадает в руки харизматичного наркобарона. С помощью шантажа и угроз он использует отчаянную красавицу как пешку в своей игре против ЦРУ и УБН.

At 23, Laura Guerro and her friend Suzu enter the Miss Baja pageant. Both qualify, and while Laura waits at a nightclub for Suzu to break away so they can go shopping, a heavily-armed drug gang murders drug enforcement officials there. Laura escapes unharmed but can't find Suzu, so the next day she looks for her; her dogged behavior brings her to the cartel's attention, and they force her to assist them as they menace her father and younger brother. Lino, the gang's leader, decides Laura should finish the pageant although her only interest is escape. Every day drags her deeper and corruption is pervasive. What alternative is there to death or prison?

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD

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