Virat (Akshay Kumar) is among a battalion of military officers that comes to Mumbai on vacation. Virat is also a secret Defence Intelligence Agent who cannot lie low, much to the irritation of his friend and sub inspector. During a bus ride, an attempt to frisk passengers for a lost wallet leads Virat to something much bigger. Within minutes, the bus is blown into pieces and he helps cops nab the carrier of the bomb, who escapes from the hospital only to be caught by Virat again. Using tact, Virat follows one clue at a time hoping to track down the terrorist on whose orders the sleeper cell terrorists plan to cause mayhem in Mumbai.

Наркодилер средней руки вместе с подругой Сашей и членами банды приезжает на отдых в Турцию. Шоппинг, водные аттракционы, барбекю, вечеринки дни и ночи напролет. Не особо считаясь с окружающими, члены ОПГ придерживаются строгих правил общения внутри коллектива. Однажды Саша знакомится с милыми голландскими туристами.

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